Q - How do I schedule a photoshoot?

A - email me at Inquiries@ClaireBryettPhotography.com, I look forward to hearing all about your family or event, and planning your shoot!


Q - How do I pay for my shoot?

A - You can pay directly through my website at least a week before our scheduled shoot date - on the "pricing" page, hit the package you would like, add to cart and buy...badda bing badda boom, easy as that;)


Q - What happens if I get called in for an audition, get sick, or need to reschedule?

A - Let me know as soon as possible and we can absolutely reschedule your shoot.


Q - What should I bring/wear to get my head shots taken?

A - Think about the parts you want to play and looks you want to capture.  I recommend bringing a fresh simple look, colorful t-shirts for your "commercial" look, and everyone has that one moody "i can play the grungy character" look, so jackets and dark colors work well for that.  Also chat with your agent about what they want and any advice they have.  They can also always shoot me an email so we make sure to get exactly what you need to further your career - (Inquiries@ClaireBryettPhotography.com)  


Q - Make up/hair for head shots?

A - Come make up and hair ready.  I do have an assistant who will help with any tweaks and keep an eye out for stray hairs, as well as help you with any additional styles you may want to do during the shoot.  Agents usually suggest getting a simple/clean/fresh faced look, and then also a darker look.  So bring your make up, and we can help you transition between styles. 


Q - Where will we shoot my head shots?

A - In my studio, or on location in Topanga California.


Q - What makes you different than other head shot photographers?

A - I have been on the other side of that camera many times.  I've felt the stress and discomfort, I know what you're going through!  My goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, discuss and achieve the images you are looking for, and capture your true, funny, talented, multi dimensional, beautiful, essence that will get you the jobs you strive for.  So let's work together;)


Q - What should we wear for our family portrait session?

A - Be you be you be you.  Light, airy, lace, cool textures, your favorite most comfiest sweater, bare feet - all encouraged!    Matchy matchy, logos, or wearing things that are uncomfortable or not "you" should be avoided.  I love capturing people being truly who they are, smiles, quirks and all:)


Q - Do you photograph newborns?

A - Yes!  I love to photograph births and the precious time right after.  I don't pose newborns or use props, instead I want to capture the sweet quiet moments and the bond between you and your baby. 


Q - Where will we shoot our family portraits?

A - We can shoot in your home or favorite spot in nature.



Q -  What kinds of events do you shoot?

A - Weddings, births, birthdays, Bar/Bat/B'nai Mitzvah's, bridal showers, baby showers, parties of all sorts...basically, if you're celebrating, I can be there to capture those moments for you.

Q -  When will I get my images?

A - Head shots and family sessions within 3 weeks.  Weddings and events within 6 weeks.


Q - Do you travel?

A - Yes, I love to travel, explore new places and meet new people!  Whether it be a destination wedding, or a family shoot in another state, I'm game!  We simply add travel cost to existing package.


Q - Do you shoot digital or film?

A - Both!  I love the versatility digital allows, but I am also in LOVE with film film film...  If you would like your photoshoot to be shot hybrid or solely on film, let me know!  Additional cost added for development/processing of film.

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