Joyce + Ken // wedding

such a special wedding wrapped in oak trees and white flowers.  babies, families, a dog, love, food, misty morning turned to breezy sunny afternoon.  i loved photographing the love between everyone - mother and son, husband and wife, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, sisters, parents, was all kinds of love in one spot:)

ps - the little man eating cookies on the food table knows how to do weddings well;)

xx Claire

england adventure // film xo

england was city and nature, rest and adventure, flowers in hair, walks through forests, and meadows, and castles, take away indian food eaten on bridges, muddy happy dogs, the grumpy restaurant owner who we got to smile, serendipity, spontaneity...

a little adventure

Here are the photos from a recent spontaneous mother-daughter-adventure-get-away we went on.

We had made reservations in Ojai, but decided to leave a day early and see where the car would take us. We set out with Fleetwood Mac blasting, and tried to release the long list of To-Do’s we were leaving behind for the weekend. After calling every hotel in Ojai and Santa Barbara, and finding out that that everything was completely booked, my mum remembered a camp ground we had never been to called El Capitan. I called them and they had a little cabin available, so we decided to go for it. We ran to two different Targets, and a whole foods grabbing anything we could need, and I kept calling the camp’s receptionist Paul (Thanks Paul!), asking him how many blankets and coffee mugs and forks they supplied.

We got there. A little cabin. A whole lotta nature. Breathe, release, relax.

We spent a night and many walks there. Then off to Ojai!

Ojai consisted of eating at our favorite little vegan place about twice a day, Bart’s Book; a whimsical awesome outdoor bookstore, pootleing around, swimming, and since we don’t have TV at home we go crazy and stare at HGTV.

We came home with lots of books, smelling of chlorine, and reinvigorated.